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Many of us will have woken up to wonderful surprises over the Christmas and New Year break but few of us can have woken up to a surprise that made us whoop with joy and utter the words “How very well deserved and how long overdue”.

These are the sentiments we at Lawsons felt when we woke to the news that our Senior Director, Angeline Lawson, had been awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s New Year Honours List.
Those who know Angeline know that she devotes her time and energy not only to Lawson Civil Engineering & Utilities Ltd but to a myriad of other causes and that she fulfils so many roles in our community that she leaves most of us breathless wondering how she manages to fit it all in. Those who don’t know Angeline would be unaware of her superwoman qualities as she carries out all that she does in an unassuming way, never drawing attention to herself and always paying tribute to the teams who work with her.

That is why it is so wonderful that she has been awarded this medal as it is to recognise all that she has done for children, the judiciary and the community in Denbighshire.It a chance for all of us to congratulate her on everything she has done and continues to do.

Angeline, you deserve this and we are so very proud of you.

Angeline’s story also makes front page news in this week’s Denbighshire Free Press.

Free Press

or to read her story online, highlight the link below, right click and go to


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